The Company commences operations as the publisher of PowerBuilder Developer's Journal, a monthly magazine dedicated to PowerBuilder users, now in its ninth year of continuous publication. That same year, the Company starts publishing its highly regarded four-book series, Secrets of the PowerBuilder Masters, and also announces The World Tour with PBDJ educational seminars and trade shows. These seminars, produced and presented in six North American cities, prove to be a hugely popular training source for IT professionals using PowerBuilder and client/server technologies.

SYS-CON detects an emerging trend in the IT industry: the shift from client/server toward Internet-based enterprise systems. Building on the pioneering success of its first publication, a second monthly journal - Java Developer's Journal - is developed and launched just a few months after Sun Microsystems' introduction of the new Java programming language. Now in its seventh year of continuous publication, JDJ continues to be the world's leading print and online Java resource, with a print circulation of over 100,000 copies - more than the total circulation of all other Java-related magazines combined. A matching Web portal, www.JavaDevelopersJournal.com, is launched at the same time to maximize the reach of the Company's second i-technology print title.

1996 - 1998:
In addition to maintaining high quality across the board, SYS-CON focuses on developing its business, production, and operational systems in anticipation of rapid expansion through growing all existing product lines...and adding new ones such as CD-ROMs and e-mail newsletters.

SYS-CON launches four new publications: ColdFusion Developer's Journal, JBuilder Developer's Journal, Tango Developer's Journal, and XML-Journal. The world's first and only consumer magazine aimed at Internet-based online games, CyberGamer, is also published, along with SYS-CON's first e-business site, JDJStore.com, selling a vast selection of Java software. The company's outreach to the developer and vendor communities is enhanced in the same year by the announcement of two new national developer conferences, JavaCon 2000: JDJ Enterprise Java Conference and XMLCon 2000: XML User Conference. The highly coveted JDJ Readers' Choice Awards, the Oscars of the software industry, make their first appearance.

In addition, at the end of the year, the www.JavaDevelopersJournal.com Web site becomes the first and only BPA Interactive-audited Java publication Web site. SYS-CON Interactive delivers over 8 million ad banner impressions per month for its advertising partners, enabling SYS-CON to become the first publisher in history to offer an integrated BPA Audit Statement for its print and online circulation

The pace of expansion heats up with SYS-CON's move to new corporate headquarters in Montvale, New Jersey, in Upper Bergen County. With staffing levels increasing in line with the methodically expanding editorial program, plans are begun for the launch of SYS-CON's biggest and boldest title yet, Wireless Business & Technology magazine - aimed at the intersection between wireless technologies, the Internet, business, and the future. WBT is singled out by Folio Magazine, the magazine of the magazine industry, as the "Lead Launch of 2000."

In addition the conference program doubles in size, with events on both coasts of the U.S. and a first-rate technical program at each show, along with a vendor-packed exhibition floor, top-flight keynote speakers, and live broadcasts from the show floor by SYS-CON Radio.

Moving again with speed and decisiveness, SYS-CON recognizes the importance of the new distributed computing paradigm and an entirely new title, Web Services Journal, previews at JavaOne in June, and premiers in October 2001, becoming the world's first and only print and online magazine devoted exclusively to what even the i-technology industry itself was just realizing would over time become the most pervasive computing paradigm since the arrival of the World Wide Web itself.

In spite of the national tragedy just twelve days before, on September 23, SYS-CON Events is the first organization in New York City to go on with a major conference as originally planned. The success of the colocated JDJEdge 2001 International Java Developer Conference and Expo and Web Services Edge 2001 East Conference and Expo is a strong sign that America's software developers and vendors alike wish to align with SYS-CON and show themselves determined to go forward - despite the horrors of September 11 - to learn, to network, and to do business with each other. James Gosling, the "Father of Java," delivers a memorable opening keynote in front of 1,700 delegates. Web Services Edge 2001 West and XML Edge 2001 Conference and Expo are momentous: the October conference in Santa Clara is termed "the Woodstock of Web services." The reason: Web services had gone mainstream. The Father of XML Technology, James Goldfarb, gives the opening keynote.

SYS-CON Media is named America's Fastest Growing Publishing Company by Inc. Magazine for the second time. In a year of recognition, SYS-CON also receives a Fast 50 Award from Deloitte & Touche, and is listed among the top 17 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in New Jersey.

Java Developer's Journal announces a new record circulation with a total distribution of more than 136,000 copies with the June 2001 print edition. Java Developer's Journal is also ranked number 1 as "the most trusted developer publication" among developers who use Java, as reported in the Evans Data Developer Marketing Patterns 2001 Annual Report, prepared by Evans Data Corporation, a leading market research firm. To respond more quickly to fast-breaking news, SYS-CON's Industry Newsletters begin, with i-technology updates and exclusive articles and interviews.

SYS-CON's purposive and rapid progress continues with the launch at the beginning of the year of two new magazines. BEA WebLogic Developer's Journal debuts in January, reflecting WebLogic's acceptance as one of the most reliable, scalable, and trusted brands in the business. And the premier issue of WebSphere Developer's Journal makes its appearance shortly afterwards, offering fresh, technical knowledge and insight for developers who use IBM's WebSphere family of products to build, install, run, and maintain their mission-critical, enterprise applications.

EnginData Research, LLC, announces that SYS-CON Media is to be their exclusive media partner in tracking industry trends, and the first annual Web Services Journal Readers' Choice Awards honor excellence in the entire spectrum of Web services.

SYS-CON Events launches the Web Services Edge 2002 (East) - International Web Services, Java, XML and .NET Conference & Expo in New York City, June 24-27; and the Web Services Edge 2002 (West) - International Web Services, Java, Wireless and XML Conference & Expo in San Jose, CA, October 1-3, 2002.

SYS-CON Events also inaugurates a new tutorial series in preparation for SYS-CON's two Web Services Edge 2002 International Web Services Conferences and Expos. The series of one-day tutorials, "Developing SOAP Web Services," is exclusively sponsored by Systinet Corporation. The first tutorial receives rave reviews from a sold-out crowd in Boston and the tutorials continue their success across the country, culminating in San Francisco where local developer demand was such that the originally planned single-session program had to be quickly expanded into four simultaneous sessions of which two were presented by Oracle Corp.

While overstaffed dot-coms fell by the wayside in 2001, SYS-CON Media proved its mettle by maintaining its business model based on technological prescience and a broad-based editorial network that is able to effectively target mainstream technologies while they are still considered by everyone else to be just niche technologies. Having repeated its success with Java, then with XML, then with Wireless, and most recently with Web services, WebSphere, WebLogic, and .NET, the company is continuously on the lookout for breaking technologies and is completely up to date in terms of the still-emerging .NET framework, with P2P phenomena like Weblogging, with the Semantic Web efforts of the W3C, with the server-side scripting language PHP, and with fast-spreading post-HTML technologies like Scalable Vector Graphics.

Cloud Expo was announced on February 24, 2007, the day the term "cloud computing" was coined. That same year, the first Cloud Expo took place in New York City with 450 delegates. "Cloud" has become synonymous with "computing" and "software" in two short years.

Ulitzer was announced in 2008, as the leading online news, information, and original content site with more than 1 million technology articles, written by over 6,000 well-respected, expert authors. Technologies covered include Cloud Computing, Virtualization, AJAX, Rich Internet Applications, SOA, and Java.

Cloud Expo is the new PC Expo, Comdex, and InternetWorld of our decade. The only Enterprise IT event in 2011 covering the entire scope of the Cloud Computing spectrum. By 2012, more than 50,000 delegates per year will participate in Cloud Expo worldwide. The cloud is certainly a compelling alternative to running all applications within a traditional corporate data center. But moving from theory into practice is where things get complicated, and this is where attending a top industry event like Cloud Expo comes in.

No one can take full advantage of cloud computing without first becoming familiar with the latest issues and trends, which is why the organizing principle of Cloud Expo - is to ensure - through an intensive multi-day schedule of keynotes, general and breakout sessions, and our bustling Expo Floor - that attending delegates leave Cloud Expo with abundant resources, ideas and examples they can apply immediately to leveraging the Cloud, helping them to maximize performance, minimize cost and improve the scalability of their Enterprise IT endeavors.

SYS-CON will remain energetically devoted to i-technologies of every stripe, and developers throughout America and - increasingly - in Europe and elsewhere, can look forward to further innovative educational activities and spin-off events as the editorial reach of SYS-CON widens and deepens in line with the increasing width and depth of distributed computing, as applications become not all-pervasive but also always-on.

The company's tightly focused media strategy will provide continuing and expanding high-profile opportunities for rich synergies between the developers and executives whose insights and energy are showcased in and by SYS-CON publications and events, and the software and services that undergird the world of enterprise-level computing.