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And this dumb dumb Forbes Article I caught today in my Google Alerts mentioned banning Bitcoin? Written by Jason BLOOMBERG? lol Stopping Bitcoin? hah good luck […]
DXWordEXPO New York 2018, colocated with CloudEXPO New York 2018 will be held November 11-13, 2018, in New York City. Digital Transformation (DX) is a major focus with the introduction of DXWorldEXPO within the program. Successful transformation requires a laser focus on being data-...
You’ve got to be kidding me with this absolute garbage. Read it for yourself, but the guy is wrong about almost everything he says. It looks […]
Jason Bloomberg, a tech consultant and the author of this article, is among those who link the future of Blockchain with the future of crypto-currencies. One […]
This article from IT analyst Jason Bloomberg provides some pretty compelling arguments regarding the fundamental flaws surrounding permission-less blockchains that are typically used with cryptocurrencies, and […]
In un articolo che ha attirato un ampio dibattito su Reddit, Jason Bloomberg, presidente della società di analisi del settore Intellyx, individua la minaccia più pericolosa […]
Microsoft is parterning with others such as Intel, NVIDIA, QualComm, and AMD to bring in the full force of AI to several of Microsoft programs like Windows 10, Bing, Cortana and Office 365.Adding an Open Neural Network Exchange format (ONNX)( file to a UWP project will ...
VODEĆI informatički stručnjak Jason Bloomberg objavio je u Forbesu članak u kojem je upozorio da je ilegalno trgovanje kriptovalutama najveća prijetnja 2018. godine. “Prošlog tjedna napisao […]
Shutting down Bitcoin could become an option in the fight against illicit cryptomining. In recent months, governments and corporations found themselves the victims of these activities […]
Last week, Jason Bloomberg, president of industry analyst firm Intellyx wrote an article relating to illegal cryptomining explaining how criminals are concealing cryptocurrency transaction processing software […]
There is a lot of crypto hype these days from crypto currencies like Bitcoin to fundraising efforts like ICO (Initial Coin Offering) similar to an IPO. All this noise has obscured the real benefits of the underlying technology – Blockchain. … Continue reading →
Today, containers use some of the same terminology, but are introducing new ones. That's an opportunity for me to extemporaneously expound* on my favorite of all topics: the proxy. One of the primary drivers of cloud (once we all got past the pipedream of cost containment) has been sca...
In our call of the day, he expands on what he believes is the most dangerous threat in 2018: illicit cryptomining, or “cryptojacking” That’s when hackers […]
In the first three posts in this four-post blog series, my colleague Charles Araujo and I have explored the challenges of the shared responsibility model in […]
"CA has been doing a lot of things in the area of DevOps. Now we have a complete set of tool sets in order to enable customers to go all the way from planning to development to testing down to release into the operations," explained Aruna Ravichandran, Vice President of Global Marketin...
"There's plenty of bandwidth out there but it's never in the right place. So what Cedexis does is uses data to work out the best pathways to get data from the origin to the person who wants to get it," explained Simon Jones, Evangelist and Head of Marketing at Cedexis, in this SYS-CON....
"We are an integrator of carrier ethernet and bandwidth to get people to connect to the cloud, to the SaaS providers, and the IaaS providers all on ethernet," explained Paul Mako, CEO & CTO of Massive Networks, in this interview at 21st Cloud Expo, held Oct 31 – Nov 2, 2017,...
Sometimes I write a blog just to formulate and organize a point of view, and I think it’s time that I pull together the bounty of excellent information about Machine Learning. This is a topic with which business leaders must become comfortable, especially tomorrow’s business leaders (t...
Dear Jason Bloomberg. This video is only for you today, and all the other people who don’t understand the meaning of #Bitcoin. View the video at […]
Jason Bloomberg, a contributor over at Forbes, has come out with an article calling for the absolute ban and outlaw of #cryptocurrencies. This comes after cases […]
Mobile device usage has increased exponentially during the past several years, as consumers rely on handhelds for everything from news and weather to banking and purchases. What can we expect in the next few years? The way in which we interact with our devices will fundamentally change...
By luboš motl  Bloomberg argues that the cryptocurrencies with the public blockchain – Ripple is the only possible counterexample of a semi-permissioned blockchain – should be banned […]
By Malcolm Rose If you’re in the cryptocurrency world and have a personality that’s anything like mine, you’re equal parts amused and exhausted when it comes to […]
I recently had a conversation with Jennifer Lent from TechTarget. She’s a respected thinker in our field and covers major trends. We spoke about the emergence of BizDevOps and its implications for businesses. We tackled a number of topics. She wrote about our conversation in a recent a...
Python installed using the pyton-3.7.0b2-webinstall installs python to the following directory on your computer:C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37-32\However if you want to run python (python3.7(32bit)) you can either go the above directory and launch or by double-cl...
Last week I wrote an article on illicit cryptomining – how hackers are sneaking cryptocurrency transaction processing software onto corporate networks, personal computers, and other devices. […]
By Juan C. Perez  As industry analyst Jason Bloomberg put it in a Forbes column recently, “ransomware is oh, so 2017,” as “smart hackers have turned to illicit cryptomining […]
According to the former Equifax CEO’s testimony to Congress, one of the primary causes of this now infamous data breach was the company’s failure to patch a critical vulnerability in the open source Apache Struts Web application framework. Equifax also waited a week to scan its network...
Developing mobile apps has never been an easy task. Creating a mobile app for iOS means owning strong programming skills about Objective-C or Swift and knowing their APIs. Android-based apps are not so different: you have to know Java and the Android Platform and its API. The learning...
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief HeadSpin gives developers and testers the ability to experience mobile apps and sites as their users do. The company leverages mobile […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief WhiteHat Security provides both dynamic and static application security testing (DAST and SAST) to help developers write more secure code, while […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Applitools supports testing of responsive Web apps by detecting visual differences between the appearance of a page as compared to a […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Insider threats may include malicious, compromised, disgruntled, or simply careless employees or other insiders. In some cases, the insider is trying […]
By onalytica Digital transformation is the term given to the transformation of business activities, processes and models to fully leverage the opportunities of new digital technologies. The aim of […]
By 10tiao ITSM将把关注焦点从IT基础设施转移到以用户体验为核心的功能设计上。基于ITSM构建的应用程序将提供更丰富、更强大的用户体验,这也意味着ITSM与其他业务模块之间的数据孤岛被消除,围绕用户和业务提供全局IT管理服务。 Jason Bloomberg,Intellyx总裁 Read the entire article at
By Contact Center World Intellyx Talks Digital Transformation at CA’s Continuous Delivery & Agile Summit Watch the entire video at
As enterprises reacted to the drawbacks of traditional, waterfall development – long timeframes, high costs, and results that rarely met customer expectations – they had to […]
An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Natural Language Generation (NLG) is now a familiar part of our day-to-day experience. In enterprise scenarios, NLG typically requires extensive data […]
Note that delight and the goal often interrelate. You may be less delighted with a product because it doesn’t help you achieve your goals, and correspondingly, being delighted might very well be one of (or your only) goals.