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Call for Open Source Intelligence Inputs to Wikipedia

Call for Open Source Intelligence Inputs to Wikipedia

WASHINGTON, July 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert David Steele, Chief Evangelist for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), has created an approved OSINT page at Wikipedia, as well as sub-set pages listed below. This press release invites all those who have any interest or capability in OSINT or the fields listed below, to create their own organizational Wiki page if it does not already exist, and to create one-line links to their organizational Wiki page from any of the sub-pages.

Beneath the master page (, which is at its length limit, are the following sub-pages:

Open sources of information Open source intelligence softwares Open source intelligence services

Each of these sub-pages has a wide variety of categories where vendors or other interested parties are invited to place one line with a link to their Wiki page. Add categories as needed.

Pages have also been created for the following "tribes" or communities of interest:

Government Military Law Enforcement Business Academic NGO Media Civil

Any organization or individual belonging to any of these communities of interest is invited to create or update their Wiki page in relation to OSINT, and to provide a one-line link on at least one capabilities page and one community page.

Wikipedia *works*. It has a well-defined structure and an effective consensual means of dealing with violations of its protocols. The most important rule for vendors to follow is NO ADVERTISING. The next most important rule is KEEP IT SIMPLE. First create or update your own Wiki page, with a short description of your mission or capability and a short description of where you fit into the OSINT world. Then a discreet link to your commercial home page. Once your Wiki page exists the title of that page becomes an automatic Wiki link whenever it is inserted on any Wiki page with two [[brackets]], and should be inserted with a short descriptive line at least once in each grouping above.

We are planning an off-line gathering at the Wikipedia conference in Boston 2-4 August 2006, and would be quite glad to have as much new content as possible added before then. We are also seeking volunteers to shepard individual pages, e.g. each of the three OSINT foundation pages, and each of the Community of Interest pages.

Please participate.

OSS.Net, Inc.

CONTACT: Robert Steele of OSS.Net, Inc., +1-703-242-1701

Web site:

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