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Kaazing Powers Revolutionary Second Screen Solution

Do you ever find yourself googling, facebooking, or tweeting while watching TV? It happens to many of us: while watching a show or a live sports event, we feel the desire to consume, share, and look up additional content on another device, a second screen.

With Kaazing’s Real-Time mobile and Web communication platform, Second Screen applications can be built quickly and securely.


Kaazing’s Second Screen applications can not only push content to the mobile devices of your viewers with virtually no delay,  they also facilitate real-time bidirectional interactivity with them, bringing instant gratifications and social experiences to the living room.

The demonstration walks you through the following steps:

  1. Users join the second screen experience using their mobile device.
  2. The primary screen displays the content, a live sports event or movie.
  3. At various points in time, additional information is displayed on (pushed to) the second screen. In this solution the primary screen and the screen screen display a synchronized experience: a quiz question is displayed on both devices at the same time.
  4. Users are offered some time to interact with the experience: they can wager, and submit their answer.
  5. The responses are collected, evaluated, and presented on the primary screen, in the form of a leaderboard.

Watch this video to see the power of real-time bi-directional communication with Kaazing.

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Jonas has 21 years of experience leading the development of innovative technology products and services. Together with Kaazing’s Co-Founder & CTO John Fallows, he pioneered and championed the groundbreaking HTML5 WebSocket standard. Prior to co-founding Kaazing he served as VP of Product Management for Brane Corporation, a Silicon Valley startup dedicated to developing a market-leading enterprise platform for building model-driven apps. Before Brane, he spent 8+ years at Oracle where he served as a Java EE and open source Evangelist, and was Product Manager in the Oracle Application Server division for JavaServer Faces, Oracle ADF Faces, and Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on accelerating and scaling secure enterprise-grade WebComms (Web Communications).