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The Cyrus Company Partners with Kristalytics to Offer Economical List Culling Service, Cutting Waste and Costs for Marketing Departments

Kristalytics' proprietary technology removes window shoppers and other no-chance prospects from the direct mailing equation

MATTHEWS, N.C., Dec. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Everyone knows that rented prospect lists are, at best, a crapshoot. That's why a direct mail campaign that converts at a rate of only 1% is considered a modest success. With help from marketing technology firm Kristalytics, however, The Cyrus Company ( is on a mission to change those conventional metrics. Using a technique called list culling, Kristalytics can reduce marketing waste by up to 80%, turning loss-leading "feeler" campaigns into profitable enterprises. Learn more about this surprising process here:

Kristalytics ( has established a rock-solid presence in the marketing technology space, thanks largely to its unwavering focus on people and results rather than numbers and processes. List culling is just one of several proprietary techniques whereby bloated prospect lists can be effectively narrowed down to a more reasonable, affordable and targeted number.

"Our process for list culling is based on empirical science," explained Ben Morris, founder of Kristalytics. "We can identify with great accuracy those prospects who will never convert into long-term customers. Next, we strip those names out of the list, leaving behind only those prospects that are least likely to toss the mailer in the garbage."

"We not only cull lists brought to us, we can also draw upon our in-house database of 175 million-plus US addresses to create custom lists of future prospects, regardless of industry or size or business. Not only that, our rental fees for these custom lists are highly competitive. When you crunch the numbers, there's simply no better deal out there in terms of proven marketing technology."

Every name on a list represents an investment. If the list is rented from a broker, that's an upfront cost. Then there's the cost of producing the mailers and postage for each one before even the first conversion. When all is said and done, a list of several thousand names may represent a total investment of tens of thousands of dollars. For small and medium enterprises, that's a significant sum—anything that can trim that number is worth exploring.

"Reducing upfront costs but achieving nearly the same revenue is the ultimate goal of list culling. For example, cutting a list in half while preserving 80% of the conversions can turn a losing campaign into a profitable one," commented Matthew Gillogly, president of The Cyrus Company. "Our partnership with Kristalytics will allow us reach even more businesses with this elegant, straightforward technique."

Effective list culling, like that being offered by Kristalytics and The Cyrus Company, makes any direct mailing campaign less scattershot and more productive. The money saved by not mailing those thousands of extra pieces can be reinvested however a company sees fit. Whether it's courting new customers or developing new products and services, reinvestment is the lifeblood of healthy, forward-thinking businesses.

Prospective customers are encouraged to book an initial consultation by completing the following form: Mutual non-disclosure agreements guarantee that customer data and Kristalytics' proprietary methods are kept absolutely confidential.

About Kristalytics

For years, we've combined demographics, psychographics, data analytics, insight and practical application into a one-of-a-kind service. One that has helped companies of all sizes from local mom 'n pop retail stores all the way up to professional sports teams, universities and major corporations. We're now happy to offer the service to any business that wants to double or even triple the efficiency of its entire marketing budget and dramatically improve its bottom line.

About The Cyrus Company

Matthew Gillogly is the founder of The Cyrus Company. Since 1996, Gillogly has been helping businesses large and small grow their revenue, using tailored, measurable approaches.


Matthew Gillogly 
624 Matthews Mint Hill Road
Suite 224
Matthews, NC 28105
phone: 704-612-2037

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