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vzillion to Usher in a 'New Age of Consciousness'

Consciousness as a Commodity

ATLANTA, Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- vzillion, the subtle energy company, spoke about the moments that they believe will usher in a new age for humanity.


"We believe in our spirit, the rebellious spirit that protects us from following well worn paths," said Antonio Collier. "It has been excitingly scary to be lead down paths that, before we began walking didn't exist."

The company believes that not being encumbered by the technology label or startup has freed it to see uniquely. vzillion is more akin to a small band of humanitarian rebels, than a technology company. This 'inside' out view the company believes had lead to a phoenix rising discovery.

"We understand; we solved it. We have created a 'formula' that is proprietary to vzillion that has unified the potential for utter disruption. Disruption, top to bottom disruption. We started with giant whys: why disease – why poverty – why education disparity – why economic injustice – why is humanity second fiddle to everything else? This was the most important thing we could do. We found a formula that cradled these issues by 'thinking' maddeningly like a 'cosphymologist'. What followed was an entirely new industry, built upon scientifically irrefutable evidence," added Collier.

"Potential," as the term is used in mathematics and physics, is a function from which you can determine the intensity of a field. We are interested in the consciousness field and its intensity. Antonio's work has yielded what might best be described as a "consciousness potential" equation," added Jeremy Madea Senior Research & Developer.

'What we believe is that a new age of consciousness has materialized right before us. At vzillion we call this, the "conscious economy". Our initial utilities and products will focus on the 'conscious home'. Why does the sense of safety and protection have to end at a camera," added Collier.

vzillion is also diving into markets that by some calculations may be worth one million trillion trillion dollars per ounce. The company feels as consumer industries embrace new areas of science, such as quantum, the potential growth of the subtle energy industry could eclipse that of any time in history.

"Consciousness, as capital, as energy as a force. My gut tells me that this is the Holy Grail. A uniquely monetizable industry with the potential to continue an upward acceleration that entangles anything it touches. I see a moment when we are 'searching' consciousness," added collier.

The company will release its proprietary formula within the coming week.

about vzillion

vzillion, Inc. (vzil) is a subtle energy company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, that is pioneering, developing and building products and services in the subtle energy industry.

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