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BackPeddle App – The First Social Media “Do-Over” – Launches Today

BackPeddle today announced a new social media app that allows users to control the life cycle of all posted content. More than just a photo and video sharing app, BackPeddle gives users the opportunity to control who sees their content, where it is posted and how long it can be viewed. The application is available for download starting today for both iOS and Android phones.

BackPeddle was developed to help consumers navigate an increasingly complex digital space. Created by parents, BackPeddle is not only a tool for those familiar with the social media landscape, but it is also an ideal platform for tweens and teens just beginning to use social media.

“Social media users can now share their photos and videos with less worry about how it may impact their future,” said Natalie Ross, co-founder and general manager of BackPeddle. “As a parent, this provides tremendous relief as my children embark on building their social identities. BackPeddle provides a forum through which individuals can take, upload and share photos and videos with the people you choose. You decide how long your content is available, whether you set an expiration or change your mind down the road.”

After creating a user profile, “peddlers” can find friends and upload content instantly. For each upload, users are able to choose when the content expires, if at all. Once an expiration date passes, the image is removed from all social sites where it was shared.

Additionally, in-app messaging allows users to share photos, videos, audio and text messages with other peddlers for a specified amount of time. To view messages, two fingers must remain on the phone’s screen, helping prevent screen shots and unwanted sharing. A notification will be sent to the user when a screen shot of their message is attempted.

BackPeddle allows users to:

1. Post, private message and share pics, videos, texts and audio conveniently from one app

2. Control how long their content can be viewed before it expires and disappears

3. Take back everything from everywhere. One button removes it from BackPeddle and other social media sites - even if someone else reposts shared content.

BackPeddle can be used to share photos, videos, audio and text(s) three ways:

1. Users can share photos, videos and audio within the BackPeddle app and can add an expiration date for minute(s), hours, weeks or months away

2. Photos, videos and audio can be shared to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google+

3. Users can send friends photo, video, audio and text messages through the app – photos, audio and texts can be set for 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds

BackPeddle is now available for free download in the iTunes Store for iOS users and in Google Play for Android users.

About BackPeddle

BackPeddle (, available for free download through the iTunes Store and Google Play, is a social media photo sharing application that allows users to control the life cycle of posted images. Individuals choose how long their photos and videos live online by setting a customized expiration date. Users can also choose to delete posts instantly with the single push of a button. Either way, all shared content – including reposts, retweets and forwards – is removed once the post is “BackPeddled.”

Learn more about BackPeddle:

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