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Quick Tip- Learn How To Add & eSign Requested Documents

Have you ever wondered what the signer sees when you ask to provide supporting documentation? How are you sure this feature is simple to use, straightforward, and hassle free for your signer? With this week’s Quick Tip we demonstrate the step-by-step signer process in adding supporting documentation via uploading to the DocuSign envelope or faxing it. 

During the signing process, the signer is prompted to provide the attachment.

The steps taken by the recipient depends on how your recipient is submitting the requested documents; by upload or by fax, both of which are simple an easy to use.

Uploading the Documents

If the recipient prefers to upload the requested document, than they must have an electronic copy (such as a scanned copy) of the document saved as a file on their computer. The recipient then clicks the “Attach” tag and the Add your Attachment dialog box appears. 

The recipient will then click Browse… and select the file to upload.

The system attaches the file to the envelope as a new page and replaces the Attach tag with an upload icon. If they need to upload another attachment or remove an attachment, they can click the upload icon and repeat the steps for uploading or select to remove the attachment.

After the documents have been uploaded and all other tags are filled out or signed, the recipient completes the signing process normally. DocuSign really mastered the simplicity aspect for this feature, and for that everyone is thankful.

Faxing the Documents

If the recipient will fax copies of the requested documents, they click the Attach tag and the Add your Attachment dialog box appears.

The recipient clicks Send by fax, the Send Attachment by Fax dialog box appears. The dialog box informs the signer that they will be able to print the fax cover sheet at the end of the signing process. The signer clicks OK to continue.

The system replaces the Attach tag with a fax icon. The recipient can click the fax icon to cancel the fax process anytime until the fax is received.

After all the remaining tags are filled out or signed, the second Send Attachment by Fax dialog box appears. The recipient clicks Print Cover Page to print the fax cover page.

A new browser window opens with a fax cover sheet. The recipient prints the fax cover sheet and follows the instructions on the printed fax cover sheet to fax the requested documents.

Note: When faxing documents the signer only needs one fax cover page for all the requested documents.

After the fax cover page is printed, the signing process is completed normally. Easy breezy.

This Quick Tip gives you a clear picture of how easy it is for your signer to attach or fax supporting documents. This is just another way DocuSign is eliminating unnecessary stress and uncertainty in your life.

Happy DocuSigning! 

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