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"Awakening Kingdoms", One of Big Fish's Most Popular Hidden Object Series Now Offers an Endless Game World for Free

SEATTLE, Dec. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- What if you never had to leave your favorite game world?

Never wanting a game to end is a wish we often hear from our customers, and it is a wish that we are happy to grant with the release of "Awakening Kingdoms", Big Fish's new free-to-play PC and Mac game.



The Awakening series, developed by Boomzap Entertainment and downloaded over 9 million times on PC, Mac and mobile devices, is one of the most popular hidden object adventure series available on Big Fish Games.  The new game, "Awakening Kingdoms", is a fantastic new way to experience this world, whether as an existing fan or someone new to the series. Embark on quests exploring the Skyward Kingdom, searching through hidden object scenes for needed objects to complete your journey, and complete mini games to earn the gold you will need to restore the royal castle, and surrounding villages, ruined in the war against Dreadmyre.          

What is the story behind "Awakening Kingdoms"?

For years the Skyward Kingdom was under the threat of the dark mage Dreadmyre.  Once awakened from her magic induced sleep, Princess Sophia embarked on a quest to defeat Dreadmyre, rescuing the Skyward Kingdom and becoming its beloved Queen.  Even though Dreadmyre was defeated, his evil still lingers in the Skyward Kingdom and the war against him has left much of the once beautiful land in ruins.  

What's worse, Queen Sophia's parents are still missing, believed to have been imprisoned in some distant land by Dreadmyre when he came to power!  Torn between her desire to rescue her parents, and her royal duty to care for her people and restore her lands, Queen Sophia has chosen you as her royal steward and charged you with leading the kingdom in her stead.  You, as the kingdom's Steward, must protect the citizens of Skyward Kingdom, gain their trust and put them back on their feet.

How do I play?

With a land as vast as the Skyward Kingdom, your 'to do' list as royal Steward couldn't be longer! 

First on your list is restoring Queen Sophia's castle and rebuilding the towns destroyed in the war against Dreadmyre.  In doing so you will meet the citizens of Skyward Kingdom and help them rebuild their shops and homes. Many citizens you may recognize from Sophia's quest to defeat Dreadmyre. These citizens will need your aid in important quests that will require you to explore the fantasy world of Skyward Kingdom through mini games and hidden object scenes. The more quests you undertake, the more Bolgins (Goblin Gold) you will earn to put toward restoring Queen Sophia's castle and kingdom! 

Helping the citizens of Skyward Kingdom can lead to important friendships and relationships, including the ability to acquire and care for fantastical animals left homeless in the wake of Dreadmyre's evil. These furry friend will help you in completing your quests by providing important hints, so make sure to spend a few Bolgins in the pet shop on items that will pamper your fantastical pets.

Restoring a kingdom can take a lot of energy, and no one has endless amounts! Luckily you can stock up on energy at the Skyward Kingdom Store, where you can acquire energy potions, food and any resources you might need to carry on kingdom restoration.  You may also visit the kingdoms Bank, where you can purchase more Bolgins or Crystals, the most valuable currency in the Skyward Kingdom.    

How is this game different from the other Awakening games?

"Awakening Kingdoms" gives those new to the series, as well as the series' fans, a world to continuously explore and enjoy.   Although a unique standalone experience, "Awakening Kingdoms" can be played and shared with your friends, making it a fun social experience as well.  Your choice.

More importantly, "Awakening Kingdoms" is NOT a replacement for the popular PC adventure versions of this series.  In fact, PC download sequels continuing Queen Sophia's story will be released throughout 2014.  "Awakening Kingdoms" is here so you no longer have to wait for the next game in the series to lose yourself in the fantasy world of your dreams.

Bring back the glory of the Skyward Kingdom!

Play "Awakening Kingdoms" today on PC & MAC!

Susan Lusty
Big Fish Games



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