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SeeQVault Ushers in New Era of Content Mobility

SeeQVault, the technology developed by Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba and licensed through NSM Initiatives LLC, is poised to create new business opportunities for High Definition/4K Ultra High Definition (HD/4K UHD) content viewing, flexibility and security as the first products enter the US market. As a critical missing link in the HD/4K UHD consumer entertainment ecosystem, SeeQVault enables unfettered content access, allowing users to side-step current impediments such as mobile device capacity, data caps, broadband access and bandwidth restrictions, among others.

Entertainment Ecosystem and Digital Bridge

“SeeQVault creates exciting new opportunities and business models for the consumer electronics, mobile devices and IT industries, as well as for creators and distributors of High Definition/4K Ultra High Definition content,” said NSM chief communications officer, Victor Matsuda. “It opens new possibilities for users interested in viewing HD/4K UHD content on any screen – from 4 inches to 4K. Moreover, it is a critical element in completing the “digital bridge” between current devices, 4K UHD playback devices, UHD TV and the exploding mobile market”.

Designed for use on any flash-based memory devices that incorporates USB memory and/or SD Card slots, with emphasis on Android and Windows smartphones and tablets, SeeQVault enables the playback and transfer of HD/4K UHD content, whether purchased, rented or recorded, across mobile and in-home devices in a secure environment. SeeQVault provides dynamic flexibility for content consumption, while offering superior intellectual property protection. Simply put, this new solution allows users to store HD/4K UHD content on SD Cards, micro SD Cards and USB memory as well as HDD and solid state drives protected by SeeQVault. Stored content may then be transferred among and played back on any SeeQVault enabled device including smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles, televisions, set top boxes and other authorized devices.

Use with Existing Devices

In addition to the new devices that will enter the market, SeeQVault can be adapted for use with the broad installed base of current devices. For example, a SeeQVault adaptor solution will enable any HDD, current or future, to utilize the technology to enable playback of SeeQVault protected content on connected devices such as PC's, TV's and set-top devices with onboard HDD's.

“The new trend on the most advanced next-generation smartphones and tablets is the inclusion of 4K UHD and Full HD capable displays - driving consumer desire to conveniently transport and consume high definition content on the go," said Daniel DG Lee, vice president, Memory Product Planning & Application Engineering, Samsung Electronics. “This represents a considerable market for content creators and providers, and we therefore expect SeeQVault media to receive a lot of attention from the massive Android installed base.”

Enhancing the Mobile Experience

There are numerous applications for SeeQVault in the HD/4K UHD consumer entertainment ecosystem - the most obvious being electronic sell through and rental directly to SeeQVault enabled devices and media. However, as time shifting from set-top boxes to mobile devices continues to grow in popularity, SeeQVault will provide users with greater flexibility and enable content service providers to expand the attractiveness of current mobile offerings.

Currently, consumers either stream from the cloud or download their desired content directly to a device. Streaming requires a constant internet connection, which may not be available, may quickly use up data plans or may not have sufficient bandwidth to deliver an optimal viewing experience. Downloading to a device requires deliberate planning to allow for transfer time, locks the content to a single device and rapidly consumes device storage space.

SeeQVault changes the mobile time shifting dynamic by seamlessly expanding mobile device capacity, minimizing transfer times and making content available on a range of devices while keeping content protected and eliminating the need for persistent connectivity. In fact, Japan's Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting (ARIB/Dpa) as well as Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator (DTLA), a worldwide, ubiquitous digital transmission technology body, recently approved SeeQVault for the recording and playback and transmission of high definition broadcast, cable and satellite delivered content.


SeeQVault products were released in Japan in 2013 and are available for purchase by consumers in that market. SeeQVault technology is now poised to expand its reach worldwide. It is anticipated that different SeeQVault compatible media including SD Cards and micro SD card as well as devices from NAND flash memory controllers, PC software players and DLNA media server software will debut from various manufacturers in the coming year.

Compatibility with Broad Range of Existing File Formats

Memory and device manufacturers and content creators, service providers and distributors can already license the full technology, which uses SeeQVault encryption, as well as SeeQVault’s proprietary file format. Alternatively, licensees will have the ability to utilize SeeQVault memory in their own propriety services to protect content already encoded on standard, ubiquitous video file formats such as .mpeg4, .avi and others. Licensees may also use SeeQVault to protect files containing non-audio/visual data and other sensitive and confidential information.

NSM Initiatives LLC will provide useful resources to adopters, including reference source code for SeeQVault so adopters can begin development of both PC based and Android based products.

About SeeQVault

SeeQVault technology creates a secure environment for the collection, movement and enjoyment of HD/4K UHD content and protected data on almost any device, mobile or otherwise, anytime and anywhere, with or without internet connectivity. An extremely versatile storage solution, SeeQVault fosters the creation of new business models for the distribution of HD/4K UHD content as packaged media, acquired via online purchase, rental or subscriptions services, vending machines and kiosks, as well as for the storage and protection of sensitive data. Developed by Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba, SeeQVault will be licensed through the NSM Initiatives LLC.

The licensing terms and form agreements for each type of license are available on a non-confidential basis upon request via the SeeQVault website found at

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