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Started making new samples about RichUI design pattern

Now, I've started to make new sample project. Ofcource it will be free download. It will be included in Alinous-Core IDE, and make it with new project wizard.

If we prepare design patterns of Rich UI, we can create high quality application soon.

I'm using jQuery library.

The Javascript and server-side program co-work well,
  • Ajax dialog
  • Tree Control
  • Progress bar
  • Autocomplete
are very useful.

Once you understand how to use it, you can use the knowledge again and again.

I think the samples should be simple. I will also make comprehensive and kind document in the developer section, newly.

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Tomohiro Iizuka is CEO of company which is publisher of third-party logistics and e-commerce software in Japan. And my speciality is making programming language and development environment. Actually developed Alinous-Core programming language and development tool working on eclipse plugin. By making computer language, I succeeded in providing enterprise application rapidly to Japanese customers.