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Important Update Alinous-Core IDE and Server

Important Update Alinous-Core IDE and Server

We did important update of

  • Alinous-Core Eclipse IDE -> 2.1.19
  • Alinous-Core Server -> 2.1.2

What's the change

This time's change is about coding rule about name of database tables and the columns.

We use upper case or lower case character in the name. We have used upper case, but PostgreSQL is using lower case, so our default rule changed into lower case.

But the program using old version is using upper case. So we can select which case to use.

The SELECT sentence's result including column name, so we can select the name is converted into upper case or not by setting the "alinous-config.xml".

Please take a look at "Table name's character is upper or lower case" at the page.

Next update

The next update will be done, when I made jQuery samples.

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Tomohiro Iizuka is CEO of company which is publisher of third-party logistics and e-commerce software in Japan. And my speciality is making programming language and development environment. Actually developed Alinous-Core programming language and development tool working on eclipse plugin. By making computer language, I succeeded in providing enterprise application rapidly to Japanese customers.