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Quality of software depends on how much developer prepared before start development

Quality of software depends on how much developer prepared before start development. The quality means

  • Security
  • Userbility
These are very important things for users, but is sometimes very troublesome problem to developers.

To solve them is not difficult, it is troublesome. So I recommend you to prepare software design patterns to solve them. The pattern is easy, but if you adapt them after you developed, it is too troublesome and  needs cost.

Most of security and usability problem is according to the specification of browser. So  if you understand that and know the problems to solve, it is small problem.

The jquery's rich ui solves most of the problem, but maybe your application is not full-jQuery, so you'll use the ordinary web server. The problems are remain if you use it even if a few.

Currently and in the near future, Web Development Style will be one of using HTML5 and jQuery. So I'm going to prepare more example to cover actual design pattern.

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