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WiSpry Envisions New Types of Tunable RF Applications Without Frequency Constraints for Wireless Handheld and Infrastructure Applications

WiSpry, Inc., the leader in high-performance tunable radio frequency (RF) semiconductor products for the wireless industry, today announced that Tunable RF antennas and filter components, enabled by WiSpry technology will be available in the near future, enabling wireless handheld and infrastructure RF designers to abandon traditional frequency band constraints.

Following the 2013 launch of the highest performance impedance tuning circuit WS1050, WiSpry has introduced the WS1040, the WS1041 and the WS1042 this week at Mobile World Congress. With this product line of four performance-leading components, WiSpry enables Tunable RF spanning antenna impedance tuning, antenna aperture tuning and filter applications. WiSpry now has products to cover the entire range of emerging application space where the radio front-end itself will be tunable.

In addition to the application optimized product lineup, WiSpry’s Tunable RF tool kit will include a full range of application specific turn-key reference designs, necessary software components as well as simulation models.

WiSpry’s product line enables real-time software control of High-Q RF hardware components, delivering a significant impact on RF-Design methodology. Traditional High-Q components are used throughout the RF transmit and receive chain in almost every type of radio front-ends to minimize loss and create frequency selectivity with the help of resonators. Examples of components that can now be tunable include power amplifiers (PA), filters, antenna systems and frequency generating components.

WiSpry’s MEMS- and CMOS-based technology is the ideal solution to the demanding requirements of today’s multi-mode, multi-band, data-centric terminals, offering the highest performance of any Tunable RF solutions on the market or in development today. The Tunable RF tool kit demonstrates how the company’s technology can contribute to building a completely different—and game-changing—platform for RF Front-End design from which new ways of radio communication can emerge.

“Tunable RF is opening a new era for RF design,” said Jeff Hilbert, president and founder of WiSpry, Inc. “As global networks expand and frequency bands become more cluttered, mobile device OEMs face an insurmountable challenge. We have taken this challenge and turned it on its head by enabling RF components to adapt to changing conditions and frequency bands. With Tunable RF, designers can use one tunable component instead of many traditional components, saving PCB area, extending battery life while truly enabling the single SKU world phone.”

Kits and samples for WS1050, WS1040, WS1041 and WS1042 that make up the cornerstones of WiSpry’s Tunable RF tool kit are available and sampling now.

About WiSpry

Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., WiSpry, Inc. provides tunable RF products that revolutionize wireless technology. The fabless RF semiconductor company utilizes microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology to design reconfigurable products, enabling wireless product and infrastructure manufacturers to support higher performance, next generation multi-band and multi-standard device and network architectures. Leveraging standard RF-CMOS process flows, WiSpry integrated components and modules deliver optimal flexibility and tunability without sacrificing performance. WiSpry is backed by a global group of investors specializing in innovative technology for growth markets. For more information, visit

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