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Shelly Palmer Radio Report – March 21, 2014

If you’re wary of the NSA but still want to keep in touch with your family and friends, I’ve got a cell phone for you. FreedomPop recently launched the Privacy Phone, which the company says is the only smartphone and mobile service that allows for encrypted communications. Nicknamed the “Snowden Phone,” the phone – which is a Samsung Galaxy II that costs $189 – can be purchased with bitcoins to help further protect your identity. FreedomPop says all voice and text messages are locked down with 128-bit encryption, and all app and internet data will be sent through a secure encrypted network. Still not sold on the idea? FreedomPop will let you can change your phone number anytime you want. The Privacy Phone has no contract, and comes with three months of unlimited voice and text plus 500 MB of data. After that, it’s just $10 a month, which – you guessed it – you can pay for in bitcoin. If you’re looking for a little bit more privacy, FreedomPop’s Privacy Phone is available for purchase today.

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Shelly Palmer is the host of NBC Universal’s Live Digital with Shelly Palmer, a weekly half-hour television show about living and working in a digital world. He is Fox 5′s (WNYW-TV New York) Tech Expert and the host of United Stations Radio Network’s, MediaBytes, a daily syndicated radio report that features insightful commentary and a unique insiders take on the biggest stories in technology, media, and entertainment.