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Digital Footprints Show You the True Path to Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

LONDON, March 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Your phone bleeps as you walk into your local department store. It's a text message from the store itself, informing you of a time-limited discount on luxury mattresses and notifying you of a magazine review on their home cinema kit. This is a nice coincidence; you ordered a double bed a fortnight ago and last month you treated yourself to a 32" television. It's just after payday and it's making you feel like another session of retail therapy.

Of course, some 'engineering' was used to get to this point. The store has studied your shopping patterns, both online and offline. In this age of information, with mobile devices being highly prolific and the internet being nearly omnipresent, shopping has been redefined. Are you embracing the opportunity? Do you know how?

With every interaction a shopper makes with your brand, a digital footprint is made. Whether it's a click on your webpage or email, an online wishlist, a mention on social media, a customer service call, SMS communication or an in-store transaction, these interactions show you the path to offering a tailored shopping experience.

It doesn't end there - GPS location data and local events give direction to producing on-the-fly campaigns that are highly personalised to individual consumers. This is customer micro-segmentation that delivers a 360-degree view on each shopper you have.

The net benefit is stronger customer loyalty, higher conversation rates on upsells and increased brand awareness. You can move on from the 'scattergun' approach to marketing, avoiding costly campaigns in favour of small and smartly informed ones that work on an individual level.

You also have the ability to quickly identify fraudulent behaviour when you've organised transaction data into visual patterns. This builds on your existing fraud detection and reduces your losses. The proactive approach to fraud prevention strengthens the bond between you and your customers.

You may think that instigating this kind of revolution in your marketing process could involve a massively disruptive overhaul of your IT services and data. You can relax. It's possible to reach all these benefits without moving or converting the information you have.

Discover how inspecting your digital footprints gives your retail business the competitive edge (

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