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Emergency Vehicles without Tire Pressure Lights and Monitoring Systems May be in Violation of National Fire Standards

Ride-On LED Smart Cap TPMS Flashes when Tire Pressure drops, Ensuring that Fire Trucks and Ambulances are in compliance with NFPA 1901 and 1917

LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NFPA 1901 and 1917 require that every emergency vehicle tire must be equipped with a visual indicator, such as a stem cap that flashes when tires lose significant amounts of air. A Ride-On LED Smart Cap TPMS valve cap fulfills this requirement as it increases safety, while also being a very cost effective means for fire departments and other public agencies to bring their fleet up to code. Widely used in both professional and consumer settings, the product is a tire pressure light that meets all the standards required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the nation's premiere fire protection organization.  More efficient, durable, and easier to use than ever before, the Ride-On LED Smart Cap TPMS emits a bright, blinking LED light when tire pressure becomes too low and will continue to do so for over a month. It is the standard for fire departments, ambulance services, and any other organization involved with preparing vehicles for use by first responders. 

Consumers and professional fleets know Ride-On products for their outstanding safety and flat tire prevention benefits. The Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) tire sealant and balancer prevents dangerous blow-outs by sealing punctures as they happen. They also know Ride-On tire sealants (tyre sealants) for their outstanding value and additional features such as tire life extension. In addition to preventing flats, the products provide lifetime tire balancing without the need for wheel weights and air pressure maintenance improvements.

When first responders are called to action, they don't have time to seek alternate routes. Often they are forced to drive over debris caused from natural disasters like floods and hurricanes, or man-made ones like building fires and car crashes. This puts them at more risk for getting a flat tire. Simply put, an improperly inflated tire on an emergency response vehicle is an accident waiting to happen. Moreover, a collision or a flat tire that occurs on the way to an emergency is potentially far more serious than an ordinary road accident because it may prevent emergency responders from saving lives, in addition to the risk of an injury or death from an emergency vehicle accident. Tire pressure monitoring systems like Ride-On LED Smarts Caps TPMS are one outstanding way to reduce the risk of an avoidable tragedy.

Energy efficiency is also a huge concern on multiple fronts for today's fire departments and emergency services. On the most practical level, monetary issues are a constant concern for most agencies. Poorly inflated tires can cost a cash-strapped department a significant amount of money as they result in premature and rapid tire wear and lowered fuel economy. Also, public safety agencies such as fire departments are often part of statewide and national efforts to behave in a more efficient and environmentally sustainable manner. Using Ride-On LED Smart Caps TPMS is a remarkably effective way to improve fuel efficiency while promoting safety.

If you would like further information about the Ride LED Smart Cap TPMS, as well as Ride-On Tire Protection System's (TPS) line of other products, please visit or call 888-374-3366 (888-3-RIDE-ON). It could be one of the most important phone calls you will ever make.

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