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First Feature-Length Film to Use 16 Different Directors for “Multi-Faceted Storytelling”

Kisses and Guns, created by Italian TV series writer/producer Luigi Forlai of KYKLOS ENTERTAINMENT Srl, is a new feature film that will showcase the work of different directors and actors from around the world to contribute their talents to one story. It is the first social film experiment in powerful “multi-faceted storytelling.” The project is co-produced by KYKLOS ENTERTAINMENT Srl and Los Angeles-based, award-winning filmmaker, Simone Bartesaghi of SIBA MEDIA LLC.

Kisses and Guns will be built with Forlai and Bartesaghi’s SocialMovr technology, a platform which supports the communal production of video projects. Unlike YouTube, SocialMovr allows writers and directors to work collaboratively and ultimately produce different versions of the same story. The outcome: the same characters, same storyline, but different actors and directors. One unique version will be chosen by an International Jury of well-known actors and directors to create a feature-length film.

"We want to help build a global talent show for acting and directing,” says Luigi Forlai, the founder of Kisses and Guns, who also wrote the script for the film and financed the overall project development. “Through the creation of this movie, we want to show that collaboration can be transferred from the analog world to the digital world.”

Interested directors may visit the Kisses and Guns website to select a segment, choose their own talent (actors), shoot in any format (e.g. digital, Super8, interpolated rotoscope, animation, etc.), and on any location. An original soundtrack for the film is supplied to the filmmakers and may be edited or remixed to meet the needs of each director.

The Kisses and Guns project will presented at Cannes Film Festival in a Press Conference on May 17, 2014.


Kisses and Guns, created by KYKLOS ENTERTAINMENT Srl and SIBA MEDIA LLC, is the first experiment in the video and movie-making space that goes beyond crowdsourcing to create a “social movie” that allows actors and directors to showcase their skills through multiple-produced scenes. A script and music score are provided to each user, along with guidelines to create one of sixteen segments in the movie. The feature-length movie, which uses the SocialMovr technology, aims to help build a global talent show for acting and directing. Ultimately, Kisses and Guns will allow a new generation of aspiring directors and actors around the world to showcase their skills in a multifaceted storytelling environment.

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