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Using Social Media to Sell and Lease Properties

Social Media Is Affecting All Industries Including Property

When it comes to selling or leasing property, it's easier in some regions rather than others. Plus, even though it's still a "seller's market" (and by extension a landlord's market) that doesn't mean it's easier to fill a vacant property. There's more competition and you might not be getting the best applicants since many people are still reeling from The Great Recession. Fortunately, technology is making it a little easier to fill those vacancies, but you have to know how to use it correctly.

Social media is no longer about keeping up with your favorite celebrities or just posting vacation photos. It can be the tool necessary to link home sellers and landlords with buyers and renters. There are more constructive ways to use your feed and connections no matter which side of the fence you're on. Here's how social media platforms can connect buyers and renters with the properties of their dreams.

The importance of foundation

Just like with building a home, planning and putting down the foundation comes first. Don't just start randomly tweeting about a property you have for sale. Even in a place like New York where renters and buyers are scrambling for top tier properties, you still need a strategy. Start by producing some home video tours (they're great for YouTube), add a "help us sell this house" link into your blog, and then start posting to your SM platforms of choice.

Also use social media analytics to your advantage so you can see when someone types "move to New York" into Twitter. This can help you connect with people who you don't share any circles with. You can also find out where visitors are coming from when they visit your blog, which helps you optimize your key words, build better links and figure out where high traffic comes from. Many people will tweet about big moves, and if you get in touch with a link to the listing (as well as a personal touch like a recommendation for a restaurant) you're building a client base.

Find the right agent

If you're selling or renting a property, especially in a place like New York, do yourself a favor and get an agent. However, make sure you do your research and choose one who's social media savvy. These experts get the photos and information on social media immediately, already have a market carved out, and have networks (virtual and in real life) who might be the perfect match. When a hot property gets passed along compliments of social media and an agent, you've just doubled your reach.

Finally, if you have a celebrity connection (which is a real possibility in NYC or LA), make use of that because it's a huge selling point. People want to live a luxurious lifestyle, and if Diane Sawyer or Bradley Cooper has a place nearby, you'll instantly get more interest so even if it doesn't lead to an immediate sale, the buzz alone is worthwhile. Developing a Twitter campaign that focuses on the celebrity appeal, such as "Madonna just bought a condo one black away" can achieve what even the best property description can't.

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