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Knowing your website's access and visitors

To know the access of website's visitors is very important thing. In order to do this, I made the Web Access Recorder.
Basis of this software is recording the action of website's visitors by Javascript using JSONP technique.

After recording the actions, the web owner can replay the action like below.

By watching the experience of visitors, you can easily understand the problem of the web page.
In addition to that, you can generate heatmaps.

There are 2 types of heatmap. One is mousemove heatmap to do eye tracking, another is window scroll heatmap to check the order of the contents in the landing page.
I'm going to bundle this in the new product, which is programmable Content Management System.

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Tomohiro Iizuka is CEO of company which is publisher of third-party logistics and e-commerce software in Japan. And my speciality is making programming language and development environment. Actually developed Alinous-Core programming language and development tool working on eclipse plugin. By making computer language, I succeeded in providing enterprise application rapidly to Japanese customers.