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Prosolia Introduces the Velox 360 Sample Introduction and Ionization System for Mass Spectrometry

Prosolia, Inc., the developer and manufacturer of innovative sample introduction and ionization devices for mass spectrometry, introduces the Velox 360TM, an automated system for direct dried biofluid analysis. The Velox 360 was uniquely designed to enable paper mediated separation of compounds in complex matrices followed direct electrospray ionization for mass spectrometry.

Closely coupled to the mass spectrometer, the Velox 360 holds 40 discrete sample cartridges in a single magazine rack and provides fully automated sample analyte elution and ionization without the need for multiple steps of sample preparation or chromatography typically necessary in modern analytical workflows. The Velox Sample Cartridge, VSC-1, processes just a few microliters of a dried fluid for quantitative analysis of drugs allowing streamlined analytical workflows in forensic toxicology and drug development laboratories. The VSC-1 incorporates the Paper Spray technology, an invention created in the laboratories of Profs. R. Graham Cooks and Zheng Ouyang of Purdue University and having roots to the work by the late Nobel Laureate Prof. John B. Fenn. The announcement came at the 62nd conference of the American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS).

“The Velox 360 creates advantages for laboratory dependent organizations in reducing the complexity of analytical workflows and providing the capability of processing only a few microliters of a biofluid instead of typical milliliter quantities by mass spectrometry. This capability opens up new possibilities in forensic toxicology and clinical research,” said Dr. Justin Wiseman, Chairman, President & CEO of Prosolia.

A bottleneck in life science research and chemical analysis is the time required for sample preparation. Sample preparation can be a tedious process that often involves multiple steps, delaying the time to a result, decreasing productivity and increasing the probability for error. The Velox 360 eliminates this bottleneck by enabling direct, automated analysis of samples thereby reducing the requirement for extensive sample preparation and enabling faster time to results. These capabilities translate into lower laboratory operational costs and streamlined workflows.

About Prosolia, Inc.

Prosolia is the leading developer and manufacturer of direct mass spectrometric solutions, delivering innovative technologies since 2005. Our portfolio of scientific tools includes innovative sample introduction, ionization and surface analysis systems, along with intuitive software, all of which are part of workflows that reduce analytical complexity and yield faster time to results. The unique capabilities of DESI, flowprobe and now the Velox 360 provide its customers the benefits of reduced time-to-results and streamlined analytical workflows resulting in increased cost efficiencies.

Flowprobe and Velox 360 are trademarks of Prosolia, Inc.

Paper Spray is a trademark of Purdue Research Foundation.

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