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CMGE Secured its First Global Title Sponsorship for WECG 2014 Global Grand Final in China this December

Hong Kong, June 17, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - World e-Sports Championship Games ("WECG"), co-produced by Aegis Gaming Networks Inc.(AGN), an organizer for global e-sports & cultural events, and Global Mobile Game Confederation (GMGC), today observed its grand opening in Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. Over 200 CEOs, such as Shanda Games CEO Zhang Xiangdong and CMGE CEO Xiao Jian, together with other well-known e-sports players Ma Tianyuan and Ruofeng, etc attended the event.

During the press conference with the world's renowned media, Song Wei, GMGC Secretary General and WECG Co-founder published WECG's objective and vision, announced its host city selection plan, event production and broadcasting plan, business development plan etc, and disclosed that WECG's first official e-sports program is to be launched at the end of this month, including PC, Mobile and console games. WECG is expected to be a neutral third party platform for global integrated e-sports events, serving as a "World Cup" or "Olympics" for e-sports players, says Mr. Song Wei.

Quan Mingxiu, AGN CEO and WECG Co-founder, commented, "We are evaluating the short-listed cities for hosting WECG2014 Global Grand Final and the final pick is supposed to come out between late June and mid August. Currently the date for the Grand Final is set to be early December. No doubt it's the most perfect choice that we have the first WECG here in China. I sincerely hope WECG will promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's e-sports industry and bring about a prosperous China's e-sports industry as a whole."

WECG plans to pick a total of 4 cities, with 1 or 2 cities from Asia, Europe or America. All the host cities could apply to organize "WECG Global Challenge" and "WECG Grand Final" during the cooperation period. The host cities will hold four sessions of World e-Sports Championship Games annually to provide players and audiences with a spectrum of exciting e-sports games and propagate e-sports culture.

Song Wei and Quan Mingxiu kicked off, "WECG---global top sponsorship program" and signed the agreement with CMGE CEO Xiao Jian on the first global top sponsorship for WECG2014-2016. Xiao Jian observed: "We are honored to work with such a great team. Through the matches, CMGE will publicize its games brands towards players around the world and boost the Company's presence in the mobile e-sports games." Brian So, director of AGN overseas business division, also expressed hopes that CMGE and WECG could achieve win-win development.

Mr. Ding Dong, director of Information Center of General Administration of Sports of China, also stressed that WECG should be, above all, an authoritative and professional international e-sports event. The games should further explore the core value of e-sports games by organizing the games in a professional manner. They should broaden participation by organizing games for both professionals and amateurs. The way e-sports games are organized should also be diversified by including games, forums and a variety of cultural events. Mr. Ding Dong had high hopes that through the games, Chinese e-sports players and Chinese e-sports industry will succeed in the international arena.

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