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UIHG Announces Acquisitions of Relatable and PresEn Solutions

Unwall International Holding Group BV is delighted to announce the acquisitions of Relatable and PresEn Solutions into its holding group. On its journey to IPO onto the NYSE Euronext, UIHG has continuously strived to source and acquire high potential companies especially those with cutting edge technologies created for setting new trends in mobile applications and social networking. These strategic acquisitions will augment its position as a well-diversified European holding group.

The acquisition of these companies will deliver additional value to UIHG’s stakeholders and increase immense opportunities for UIHG to grow stronger to reap greater returns. Both companies are based in Southeast Asia and have extensive and experienced management teams to ensure consistent development and growth of their businesses.

Relatable is a patent pending mobile app using state of the art technology, nothing short of visual magic in which it brings creative media to life, along with interactive features that help consumers discover, share and interact with brands, products or services. It is the combination of several technologies that work together to bring digital information into visual perception. It employs visual content conversions, which allows practically any kind of media to be translated into any preferred languages or images to allow optimized comprehension.

Relatable will visually translate the world for travellers and the public as a whole. The app utilizes a mobile device’s camera to scan an image and it will be visually converted into a preselected preferred language or image. Its focus is on applying new technologies to drive high-impact change on how translation is known and supposed to be. Relatable will disrupt the travel industry that we knew and create a new era of tourism where boundaries created by the difference in languages will be a thing of the past.

PresEn – “Presenting Entrepreneur” is a mobile app marketplace that encourages entrepreneurship and effectively illustrates what they have to offer. It is a global online marketplace for any individuals from students, fresh graduates, freelancers, to entrepreneurs to market their products, services or talents by offering a variety of platforms aligned with their interest, passions, hobbies, skills, knowledge and creative ideas.

This application is supported by video-formatted presentations, as users are no longer satisfied with just images and words describing products and services. PresEn’s video-based marketplace provides a true to life representation of products and services, giving consumers more information and less misrepresentation. Moreover, it gives entrepreneurs a mode to express their creativity when offering products and services. Taking advantage of PresEn being a mobile application, users from both ends can offer and source for products and services at anytime, anywhere with great ease.

UIHG is proud to welcome these two remarkable companies into its family of companies and together we will continue to strive for greater growth of the group.

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