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Toyota FCHV-Concept Vehicle

Taking 'Sustainable Mobility' to the next step Toyota has been working on using hyrogen fuel cells. It appears (this post heavily based on the Toyota site:
that Toyota started selling the 'Fuel cell' cars in Japan (Toyota FCHV) as early as 2002!

The car uses both hybrid technology(battery) and in-situ generation of Hydrogen as fuel.
Staring the car under -30deg C and cruising range of some 830 KMS without refuelling are quite extraordinary.

'Toyota FCHV-Adv' came out in 2008 also sold to limited users.

The next generation of fuel cell vehicle was displayed as 'Toyota FCHV Concept' at the 43rd autoshow in Tokyo in 2013.
Here is screen shot of the concept model:

I am not sure when it will become affordable for most folks. It will go on sale in Japan very soon.

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