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SYS-CON MEDIA Authors: Liz McMillan, Kevin Jackson, Peter Silva, Greg Wind, Glenn Rossman

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Nestle%s Effectiveness of Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies and Innovations


NEW YORK, Sept. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Nestle%s Effectiveness of Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies and Innovations

Nestlé has been one of the leading players in the food & beverage industry which has strongly focused on developing and implementing digital and social media strategy. The company is leveraging social media to drive marketing, innovation and leadership potential. Moreover, capitalizing on digital and social media channels, the company is focusing on transforming its operations, going beyond marketing to drive cost and supply chain efficiencies. The company's strategy has redefined dynamics of social media marketing and has raised the benchmarks of effective social media practices.

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This report answers the following key questions:

• How is Nestlé adopting digital and social media within the organization?

• What percentage of the company's advertising budget is allocated to digital, mobile based and social media initiatives?

• What are the objectives of Nestlé's digital and social media strategy, and how it is implementing them?

• How is Nestlé implementing digital and social media initiatives as a marketing tool?

• What is Nestlé's consumer engagement model on digital and social media?

• How does Nestlé measure return on digital and social media investment?

• How is Nestlé leveraging mobile, social commerce, video, game and display and social networks to achieve its marketing and organizational goals?


This report provides in-depth analysis of Nestlé's social media strategy with a focus on overall digital goals. This report provides insights on the following 6 modules:

• Digital and Social Media Strategic Imperatives: This module provides insights into Nestlé's digital and social media strategic imperatives and a snapshot of the evolution of digital and social media strategies implemented by the company.

• Strategic Insights into Implementing and Executing Digital and Social Media Imperatives: This module provides in-depth analysis on Nestlé's digital and social media implementation strategy. It highlights the impact of digital and social media on Nestlé from an organizational, cultural, and functional perspective.

• Marketing Budget Allocation: This module provides insights into Nestlé's budget allocation strategy towards digital and social media marketing. It provides budget allocation snapshot for Nestlé's top 10 geographic markets and top 5 brands. In addition, it also provides breakdown of advertising budget by desktop and mobile.

• Advertising & Targeting Strategies: This module provides detailed analysis on key aspects of Nestlé's digital and social media strategy. It analyzes how Nestlé implements its social commerce and social network initiatives, and how the company utilizes digital formats and digital channels to achieve its strategic goals.

• Analysis of Nestlé's Social Media Strategy by Key Nestlé Brands: This module analyzes Nestlé's engagement strategies and content on leading social media networks for the company's key brands – Kit Kat, Nescafe, Purina, Maggi, Haagen Dazs.

• Case Examples: This module provides case examples of innovative digital and social media marketing adopted by Nestlé across its global operations.
1. About this Report
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Scope
1.3. Methodology
1.4. Definitions
1.5. Disclaimer

2. Nestle's Digital and Social Media Strategic Imperatives
2.1. Nestle Digital and Social Media Snapshot
2.2. Digital and Social Media Strategic Imperatives
2.3. Evolution of Digital and Social Media Strategy

3. Strategic Insights into Implementation Framework
3.1. Framework for Implementing Digital and Social Media Imperatives – Four Key Pillars
3.2. Digital and Social Media Organizational Structure
3.3. Organizational Culture & Leadership Focus
3.4. Listening & Engaging
3.5. Ensuring Media Productivity
3.6. Building Culture & Transformation

4. Nestle Digital and Social Media Marketing Budget Allocation
4.1. Digital and Social Media Budget Allocation & Industry Benchmarking
4.2. Channel Allocation & Industry Benchmarking – Mobile vs. Desktop
4.3. Analysis by Top 10 Markets
4.4. Analysis by Top 5 Brands

5. Advertising & Targeting Strategies
5.1. Channel Strategy – Online vs. Mobile
5.2. Branding & Targeting Strategy
5.3. Social Commerce
5.4. Product Launch Strategy
5.5. Advertising Format Strategy – Video, Gaming, and Display
5.6. Social Networking Site Strategy
5.7. Content Strategy

6. Analysis of Nestle's Social Media Strategy by Key Nestle Brands
6.1. Kit Kat
6.2. Nescafe
6.3. Maggi
6.4. Purina
6.5. Haagen Dazs

7. Case Examples –Nestle Way
7.1. Kit Kat: Break from Gravity
7.2. Nestle Purina US: Purina Happy Wings
7.3. Coffee Mate Malaysia: Stir-up Passion
7.4. Haagen Dazs: Concerto Timer App
7.5. Nestle/Google: Kit Kat – Google Android Partnership
7.6. Nestle Drumstick Philippines: Tweet Surprise
7.7. Maggi Australia: Fists of Fusian
7.8. Nestle India: First 1000 Days
7.9. Nestle Philippines: Facebook Loyalty Program
7.10. Nestle Nescafe Spain: Galao
7.11. Nestle Germany: Nestle Marktplatz
7.12. Nestle Water's USA: Nature's Fix
7.13. Nestle China: BenNaNa Brings Magic Fun

List of Figures

1. Methodology Framework
2. Nestlé - Social Media Mobile Marketing Effectiveness Index Taxonomy
3. Nestlé – Company Overview
4. Nestlé's Strategic Imperatives – Digital and Social Media Channels
5. Nestlé's Digital and Social Media Evolution
6. Nestlé Digital & Social Organizational Structure
7. Nestlé Digital & Social Media Marketing Budget Allocation Strategy – Nestlé vs. Industry Average, 2013
8. Nestlé's Global Digital & Social Media Marketing Budget Allocation for Top 10 Markets
9. Nestlé Digital & Social Media Marketing Budget Allocation for Top 5 Brands
10. Nestlé Marketing Budget Channel Allocation Strategy – Nestlé vs. Industry Average, 2013
11. Nestlé Kit Kat Social Media Activity - Analysis by Platform
12. Nestlé Nescafe Social Media Activity - Analysis by Platform
13. Nestlé Maggi Social Media Activity - Analysis by Platform
14. Nestlé Purina Social Media Activity - Analysis by Platform
15. Nestlé Haagen Dazs Social Media Activity - Analysis by Platform

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