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Univa Launches Open Source Cluster Solution

CHICAGO, May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Univa Corporation, the leading provider of open source software, support and services for cluster and grid computing, today announced availability of Univa Globus Cluster Edition 2.0, a comprehensive cluster software solution for high performance computing.

Univa Globus Cluster Edition is a bundled offering of "best-of-breed" open source software products, backed by support and services from the recognized industry thought leaders in grid computing. It provides an integrated solution that reduces costs for cluster management and software licensing while improving cluster utilization and accessibility.

"Univa Globus Cluster Edition continues the innovation for which Univa's founders are renowned," said Univa CEO Jason Liu. "It enables rapid deployment, rich management, and cost-effective support of clusters with superior functionality, maximizing user productivity while minimizing total cost of ownership."

Based on mature, widely-used open source software including Grid Engine, Ganglia, Rocks, and Globus, key capabilities of Univa Globus Cluster Edition 2.0 include:

-- Robust job scheduling and workload management -- Reliable, scalable file storage and distribution -- Simple, powerful, and secure remote access -- Extensive monitoring and reporting of cluster performance -- Automated deployment, configuration, and provisioning -- Seamless integration into enterprise grids using Univa Globus Enterprise Edition

"We're pleased that Univa has chosen Sun's Grid Engine as the preferred open source job scheduling and resource management component of Univa Globus Cluster Edition," said Fritz Ferstl, Director, Grid Engine, Sun Microsystems. "Customers now have access to supported, best-of-breed open source grid technologies. Univa's stack includes open source components that complement and enhance Grid Engine's functionality. Customers will have the option to leverage Univa's offering in combination with Sun's high performance computing stack including the advanced Solaris(TM) 10 Operating System features such as Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace), NFSv4 and Solaris Containers as well as the Sun HPC ClusterTools software. This will provide an additional value to many of Grid Engine's thousands of users, offering a complete, cost-effective open source cluster solution."

"We're very pleased to see the leaders in open-source grid computing at Univa using Rocks as a key technology in their Univa Globus Cluster Edition," said Philip Papadopoulos, head of the Rocks project at the University of California, San Diego. "The Rocks platform helps Univa deliver their solution for cluster endpoints by minimizing deployment and maintenance costs of the cluster itself and instead allows them to focus on how their customers can most effectively use and innovate with the complete Univa software stack."

Univa Globus Cluster Edition is designed to maximize the value companies derive from their cluster environments by:

-- Eliminating costly up-front cluster management software licenses -- Reducing installation, management, and support costs -- Improving cluster utilization -- Increasing user productivity through enhanced cluster availability and efficiency

Available on multiple operating systems including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the release of Univa Globus Cluster Edition 2.0 represents the culmination of a multi-person year design and development process during which Univa identified key cluster components, then extensively evaluated and tested leading open source technologies, and bundled them into the commercially supported solution it is delivering to market today. For more information on Univa Globus Cluster Edition please visit:

About Univa

Univa is the premier open source provider of cluster and grid software and services in the high performance computing marketplace. Univa's customers include many of the leading commercial, government and academic institutions in the world. The company's founders are the "Fathers of Grid Computing" and have led the direction of grid computing for the past decade. Gartner has identified grid computing and open source in its top ten technologies to watch in 2007. Univa is at the intersection of these two key trends and is spearheading the adoption of open source grid solutions in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, oil and gas, and manufacturing. Univa is a privately held company based in Chicago. For more information, please visit

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