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WebSockets travel to JFokus - Stockholm, Sweden
About 2 years ago I had a conversation with Mattias Karlsson, one of the main brains behind JFokus - a Swedish Java conference. He asked me if I would be interested in speaking at the conference. Unfortunately, timing wasn't right and we decided to p
Adobe and Kaazing @ Devoxx
Devoxx has this great concept of "quickies", yes they are called "quickies", but they are not what you think . Quickes are short presentations (15 min) where speakers, and alike, can showcase and demo cool stuff that didn't get into the main session
Øredev, Oracle, Kaazing, and WebSockets - the true story ;)
This was my second time at the Swedish conference Øredev and, whaoo, it has grown in both size and content. As with many of the top tier conferences you meet the regular suspects, but at Øredev you will also meet new faces and new interesting compa
JavaBlackBelt community about Kaazing
We recently had the very pleasant experience attending Øredev, a Swedish conference for developers from all paths of life. In one word - awesome!! At the conference we had the opportunity to present HTML 5 WebSockets to the Øredev developer comm
HTML 5 Web Sockets article on IndicThread
HTML 5 Websockets and the K team's open source project Kaazing Gateway reaches India and the India developer community. Sidda Eraiah will be presenting 2 sessions @ IndicThreads Conference 2008, Pune, India: How to build an enterprise trading sol
Tutorial: Creating a Web-based chat with HTML 5 WebSockets and XMPP
Creating an XMPP-based Web chat client with HTML WebSockets and Kaazing Gateway. Peter from Kaazing has put together a tutorial showing how you can create your own Web-based chat using HTML 5 standards (Websockets and SSE), XMPP, and Kaazing Gateway.
Training: HTML 5 Web Sockets & Server-Sent Events
Kaazing's team has been working extensively over the past months to put together a highly practical 3-day class on Comet and HTML 5 Web Sockets and Server-Sent Events (SSE). The effort is coordinated with our friends at Skillsmatter and for those of
Kaazing Gateway (Atlantis) 8.09_2 now available for download
Kaazing Gateway 8.09_2 is now available for download at Kaazing Gateway is an open source HTML 5 WebSocket Server that is available for use under the OSI approved Common Public Attribution License (CPAL)—a derivative of the Mozilla P
Kaazing and WebSockets @ JAOO
Now at our third leg of the Kaazing "World Tour" I finally find some time to catch up with my blogging. At the end of September Ric Smith and I had the great opportunity to visit Arhus (Denmark) and the JAOO conference. This was our first time at JAO
HTML 5, The Future is Now!
If the future of the Web is of any interest to you I would recommend reading the following blog post by my longtime friend John Fallows. As a request by the organizers of the Silicon Valley Web Builder user group, John wrote a great post on the emerg