Dylan Schiemann

Day 22: Katoomba Fogged In
April 20th, and still no sisters. I was completely fogged in today, with no chance to view the 3 sisters (apparently if you were standing there looking at them at precisely 11:15 am, they revealed themselves for about 5 minutes). So, I continued to
Day 21: Auckland to Katoomba
On April 19, it was time to bid farewell to the kiwi nation and fly to Australia. Upon arrival at the Auckland airport, I discovered that there was an entirely separate checkin and passport control section for first class, business class, and star a
Day 20: Auckland Web’09 Day 2 Recap
April 18th was definitely a day to remember. Web’09 had a great group of attendees and a solid collection of speakers. I was up to give my talk after the morning break, and gave a talk on the Open Web. While I have given this talk several ti
Day 19: Auckland Web’09 Day 1 Recap
My first morning in Auckland, April 17th, was met with a nice view of Sky Tower from my room at the Latham: This was also Day 1 of Web’09, one of the most enjoyable conferences I’ve ever attended. With about 200 attendees, conferences f
Day 18: Queenstown to Auckland
As I slip further and further behind on my blog posts on my trip, I will note that I’m having a great time and still plan to blog everything eventually. I visited Warwick Castle in England today. On April 16th, I left Queenstown for Auckland w
Day 17: The Milford Sound
I slept for a brief amount of time, and then had a very early breakfast again at the Dairy on April 15th with an incredible sunrise: The BBQ Milford Sound tour bus picked me up at 7:15… the tour guide rocked, knew all the best places to stop
Day 16: Queenstown
Queenstown and the surrounding area rocks and is ridiculously beautiful. The entire area feels like one massive national park. It is a bit trendier than I expected, with lots of people straight out of high school or college tramping around New Zeal
In Deutschland
A quick real-time update. I’m traveling around Germany and the Czech Republic for the next 12 days or so… heading to the Rhine River today: View 2009 Trip in a larger map
Day 15: Tokyo to Queenstown
On April 12th, I left Tokyo for New Zealand. My lack of understanding of the size of the Pacific surprised me when I learned that the travel time from Tokyo to New Zealand is approximately the same as Los Angeles to New Zealand. Anyways, after my fi
Day 14: Tokyo Blossoms and More
The weekend of April 11th was my final two days in Tokyo, so I packed them full with things to see and do. Bill Keese and I met up with Floyd and Werner from QCon and we set out to find the cherry blossoms. We started out in a pair of parks with tem