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has Shark Week jumped the shark?
The Discovery Channel thought I’d be interested enough in “Shark Week” to open an email from them about it. Apparently I was, but only in a meta way. Twenty-four years after Jaws, do we still find sharks so threatening that they ge
Tenenbaum trial bloggage
Marc Bourgeois is doing some excellent blogging of the RIAA v. Tenenbaum trial. Fascinating. Tags: tenenbaum riaa joel copyright copyleft nesson law
Annals of No One Cares But Me: Big pixel drivers
During the late 1980s and early 1990s, I had a peculiar interest in two topics just about no one should or does care about: Drivers for unexpected output devices, and bigpixels. These interests were piqued by my place of employment. I worked at Inter
Office hours for non-academics
Academics hold office hours — set periods when they can be found in their on-campus offices, available to talk — because they are not required to be on campus except for when they teach. Since more of the workforce is adopting that work-wherever-
Annals of openness in peril
1. The court has rejected Charlie Nesson’s basic defense of Joel Tenenbaum’s sharing of music files. The case is going to jury which may levy the same sort of insanely excessive fines as in the Jammie Thomas-Rassert trial. I hope Charlie
The Guardian on miscellaneous bookshelves
The Guardian has fun article on schemes for arranging the books on your shelf, with an interesting set of comments. (It makes me want to send the entire thread a copy of Everything Is Miscellaneous.) [Tags: everything_is_miscellaneous dewey the
A tip to the TSA
Here’s an except from a message Gary Stock sent to a mailing list (used with permission): Works: Fails: Network Timeout The server at is taking too long to respond. (Don’t you suppo
Deval Patrick plummets, and responds with talking points
According to a Boston Globe poll, the popularity of Mass. Gov Deval Patrick has plummeted. Too bad. I think he’s been doing a good job in an economic and political environment withing which success can only be measured by degrees of failure. (T
Dan Gillmor’s early blogs found
Scott Rosenberg posts the happy news that Rudolf Ammann has found Dan Gillmor’s missing early bloggage for the San Jose Mercury News. Scott includes a link to Dan’s first post, in 1999. Here are some snippets: I’ve been thinki
AP to digitally monitor copyright
The AP has announced it is going to use an automated system to monitor the use of AP content on the Web, looking for copyright violations. The empire is fighting back. From the press release: The Associated Press Board of Directors today directed Th