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Google OS - a Cynical View
If you didn’t hear that Google has announced that in 2010 consumers will have a chance to enjoy new Chrome-based OS, stop reading and do you homework first.Done? Now we can move on, and let’s do it by the rules – positive things fir
This Java architecture is a tough sell
Three years ago I've suggested a lighter architecture for Web/J2EE applications that was based on a Servlet container with transaction processing, Message Oriented Middleware and a DBMS: This  piece was a
Having problems with English
A twitter with a nickname gnat posted an interesting statement, which I didn't understand. I don't recall when was the last time I could not understand English. Here's what he posted: Normally MacWorld is like fish spawning: single s
I support Israel 2
A blogger and a software developer from United Kingdom  posted the following:"Having just received some photos from a source I will not name, it is truly horrific to actually see what is going on there, I mean this is the sort of stuff that
Our New Year dance
In this video, my business partners and I are dancing. This dance is our way to thank our past customers and attract the new ones.  This is not to say that we’ll dance to any of your tunes, but rather to ensure that we can choreograph any
New trick by US Airways to get a couple of extra bucks from you
America air carriers become more and more creative these days. The goal remains the same - sell you whatever they can. I know that blanket costs $7, the junk-food-quality meal starts from $5, the first checked in bag is $15, the next one is even more
Software developers: Indian vs. Russian
In one of the Russian online forums, I ran into a post called "Indian try/catch Java idiom". Here's what it was about: "Indian software developers learn from books and copy/paste code from book samples. The Java try/catch example i
Top 10 thingies I got in 2008
Yesterday, I’ve been listening to the Tech 5 podcast of John C. Dvorak, where he said, “This is the time of the year when all Top 10 are arriving in all these magazines because it’s an easy way to do something and you’re kind
Two most impressive iPhone applications
Last week, I was sitting at a noisy restaurant. Somewhere on the background, this annoying elevator music was mixed into this noise.  I decided to see if Shazam , a cool application that I installed om my iPhone, will be able to find out for me
My honeymoon with MacBook Pro
Yes, I finally bought my first MacBook Pro a little more than a months ago. All my life I've been working in MS Windows environment with a small injection of UNIX when needed. My teenage son go the MacBok last Spring, he was very enthusiastic abo