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Extending the Macbook Air Power for mobile working
I recently purchased a second hand Macbook Air which has a 64GB solid state drive. It is a really nice (and light) piece of kit and is ideal for carrying about when you are either travelling or on the move. To be fair, with the brigthness taken down
Linux Ported to iPhone
You can now put linux onto your shiny iPhone.  Linux Kernel 2.6 has been ported across and it  will work on the 1st / 2nd Generation iPhone / Touch devices.It is still does not have many drivers but it seems that the Frame buffer
Bluetooth Keyboard imminent for iPhone
I've always thought that they iPhone is the closest thing you can have to a mobile laptop in your pocket. One of the things I always liked on my old Palm was the Bluetooth keyboard that you could use if you had long emails or documents to compose
iSync Plug-In for Nokia 5310
I bought my wife a Nokia 5310 MusicExpress phone recently.  She had used the 6210i for a long time and wanted something that had the same ease of use but that was slim, had a radio, and allowed her to play music.  The 5310 was ideal. My wi
Develop an iPhone App and beat the credit crunch !
From the press some of the initial iPhone apps have been getting, it seems that there are going to be quite a few Apple iPhone App Store millionaires this year ! So why not write your own and join the crowd ? Don't know Objective C or XCode - th
Amazon S3 File Explorer and Office plug-in
I recently installed the new Windows File Explorer for the SMEStorage platform. It provides a windows based file manager for Amazon S3 and allows you to upload / download files as well as allowing you to easily file sharing by just clicking a button
After the success of the App Store TMobile launch their DevPartner Progam
After the phenomenal success of the Apple App Store it looks like TMobile are following their lead after flicking the switch on their Dev Partner program. As with the Apple App Store program applications have to be verified at the programmers ex
i-Smartphone piggyback SIM Review
At the moment the only way to get your iPhone working on another network to the local network it was purchased to work on is by using a piggyback SIM.  You can unlock your iPhone but this only allows you to install applications that are not from
Securely reset Nokia E90
Making sure any information is removed from a phone is becoming more and more difficult.  To do this on a Nokia E90 do the following: (i)  Go to 'Settings' > "Factory Settings" - "Restore Factory Settings"
Open up your Amazon S3 Account with OpenS3 !
 There have been lots of talk about cloud services but the oldest and one of the best is probably Amazon S3 which provides large amounts of free storage.  With one catch - it really only provides an API to interact with its bucket structure