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Goodbye Macworld, Apple bites the hands that feeds it
Good night Gracie, Apple has left the building. Developers are probably the most important part of any products eco-cycle, this is the last group of people you want to upset. Can you imagine Java without JavaOne? Unthinkable.Leave CommentRelated E
Amazon SimpleDB renamed to Amazon Registry
Okay, so this is wishful thinking on my part, Amazon taking the initiative and renaming their very powerful SimpleDB product Amazon Registry. Let me present my case for why they should.Leave CommentRelated Entries:Cloud Computing Podcast: featuring
Cloud Computing Podcast: featuring me!
I was honored to be part of the very popular Cloud Computing Podcast by David Linthicum. It has just gone live for your audible enjoyment!Leave CommentRelated Entries:Deploy OpenBD to the cloud via Elastic ServerIs the Aptana Cloud really a cloud?Am
Deploy OpenBD to the cloud via Elastic Server
With ElasticServer you can now build your own custom server image with OpenBD installed, choosing your own J2EE and database server. Deploy straight to Amazon EC2. Can't get easier.Leave CommentRelated Entries:Is the Aptana Cloud really a cloud?Ama
Is the Aptana Cloud really a cloud?
What makes a true cloud offering? What must a company offer before it can make the cloud claim? I examine the 3 criteria that for me defines a true cloud offering.Leave CommentRelated Entries:Amazon ex-employee looks to cloud telephony applications
Amazon Ex-Employee Looks to Cloud Telephony Applications
Alan Wlliamson's Blog Eric Engleman from TechFlash is reporting that Jeff Lawson, ex Product Manager of Amazon Web Services, is in the early stages of a new startup company aimed at providing on-demand scalable telephony services to companies. Twil
Clouds do blow away - live with it
Cloud providers, like their name sakes, do blow away leaving clear blue skies. Cloud providers aren't selling miracle cures - yet people are buying as if they were. Who is at fault when things do go wrong?Leave CommentRelated Entries:Microsofts Clou
Microsofts Cloud offering Azure - the bullet points
Yesterday Microsoft finally released their vision for their offering into the cloud space. They have published a whitepaper on Azure. Here is a list of the highlights that Azure has to offer.Leave CommentRelated Entries:"Clouds" is a place on the e
"Clouds" is a place on the earth
Ever wondered where our clouds actually physically reside? In a forever virtualised world its easy to forget sometimes that you actually do end up running on bare-metal at some point. The BBC has an interesting article on one such data center.Leave
Cloud bootcamp with special guest appearance
For our upcoming cloud bootcamp in San Jose, we have a special guest appearance from the co-founder of one of the most popular cloud management consoles available today; Thorsten von Eicken of RightScale.Leave CommentRelated Entries:Amazon raising th