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iPhone game in top 50!
I'm totally stoked to say that my Dot Game has made it into the top 50 of all games on the store! Buy early, Buy often!
iPhone App Store Live!
Hard to believe that its finally here. I am really excited and can hardly believe that I have stuff there! Riddle Racer Dot Game Buy Early, Buy Often :)
iPhone book and objc blog...
I am constantly blown away that the cool winding and twisting of life... I am done the Core Animation book, now just waiting for the iPhone NDA to lift so we can ship it. I started a book on iPhone for the prag's, which is very very fun and cool too
Core Animation Screen Cast Episode 4 On Line
I finished Episode 4 up last night and the gerbils (i.e. Mike Clark) @ PragProg already turned it into a downloadable movie. You can grab it here. This episode came in a bit long (at 42 minutes) but I could not think of what to delete. The main t
iPhone, key arrived, os installing, nothing to be said, NDA and all that, very excited... Lame attempt to be funny, hard to be silent.
Mac Developer Round Table
Scotty was kind enough to have me on the Mac Developer Roundtable tonight. If you are interested in WWDC or iPhone SDK please have a listen. It was tons of fun! Thanks again Scotty! For those of you coming here from Scotty's site check out my Cor
New Mini Online...
As I documented here my poor old PPC mini was having trouble keeping up with the success of my wife's iPhone Games so I bought and configured a new Intel mini and shipped it off last week. It went on line yesterday and is now barely above 10% CPU us
Coming Home...
Way back in college I had the great privilege of working on a NeXTCube (started on system 0.9, yes I'm old...) with Mathematica doing some really cool non-linear stuff. It was my first exposure to Unix (which of course spoiled me rotten) and I was h
Zero G?
So way back in the day when I worked at NASA one of the projects I was involved in was the space suits for Reagan's space station. That was supposed to be assembled from K'enx type things and they needed new suits to give the astronauts more time in
Alfresco on OS X - ImageMagic and OpenOffice
Alfreso is a fantastic ECM solution that has some amazing features and some great momentum. It has been more than a year since I've used Alfresco and man have they gotten some cool stuff done. I spent the last couple of days getting certified to t